the fine print


While every possible endeavour will be made by Rain-Ag to follow through with the proposed tour we reserve the right to withdraw from the tour should it be financially irresponsible to go ahead.


In the unlikely event that the tour did not go ahead, accumulated points for all qualified customers may be used to offset fuel purchases* (see “Using your points for fuel purchases”)


Using your points for fuel purchases

Qualified customers* (see “How to become a qualified customer”) may use up to 20,000 points against any b-double fuel purchase up until the end of 2019.


Qualified customers may earn points for fuel up until March 31, 2019. At this point, if you decide you are not committing to the Japan tour (or if the tour is cancelled) you cease to earn points but can use accumulated points on fuel up until the end of 2019.


How to become a Qualified Customer

There are two ways to become a qualified customer:

  1. You must have accumulated 100,000 points by the 30th June 2018

  2. Enter into an arrangement with Rain-Ag to do your commodity marketing for an agreed period of time (This agreement must be finalised by 31st July 2018)


Submitting expressions of interest

All qualified customers need to submit an expression of interest during the month of July 2018. Your expression of interest is not binding but will give us a good idea of expected numbers for the trip. You will be sent a form to fill out in early July.

Fully committing to the trip

Customers must be fully committed to the trip by no later than the 31st of March 2019. While we will try to take everyone who wants to come preference may be given to those who are committed earlier. You may choose to fully commit from the 1st of July 2018. Once you are fully committed to the trip you can continue earning points up until the 31st of August 2019.



The costs indicated (in points) are indicative and may change based on actual costs of the tour as we approach the departure date. Any shortfall in points required to pay for the tour can be made up in cash by the customer closer to the tour date. Rain-Ag is required to pre-pay for some of the expenses and therefore may be required to ask customers for a cash deposit in order to help fund the trip.

Accommodation, meals and transport

We will be staying in 4-star twin room style accommodation. If you have any special requests just let us know. We will be using several modes of transport throughout the trip including planes, trains and coaches. Meals will be mostly relaxed and good quality restaurant food. We plan to cover most of the meals as part of the tour at this stage.



Can I bring my wife/husband?

Of course, we anticipate over 50% of customers will bring their partner. You may also choose to bring someone else who works within your business in addition to yourself. Please just talk to us about this. This trip is about saying thank you to those whom we work with directly.

What about kids?

We are not going to rule it out but at this stage, we are looking to keep it at 18 and over.


How much will it cost me if I have to pay in cash?

It's difficult this far out to give you an exact number but we are currently working on $11,750 per head for the long trip and $5,800 for the short trip


What does this cover?

This covers airfares, accommodation, transport such as trains, buses, internal flights etc, tickets to rugby matches, most meals etc.

Can I transfer points from one entity to another?

No not unless you own/manage both entities


What happens if I don’t put in an expression of interest but then decide I do want to come?

We will do our best but those who have their name down already will get first priority


What can I do with leftover points?

The only other use for the points is offsetting your fuel price through Rain-Ag – see “Using your points for fuel purchases”

Is the trip just about the Rugby World Cup?

No, the trip is about the food, the culture, the atmosphere (with the World Cup on) and spending some time together with good people on a well-organised trip where you don’t have to think too much for yourself. We will be doing our best to include as much agriculture as possible in the trip as it is a common interest for all our customers.