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We are all overwhelmed with information and market changes, right? So to help you navigate that; our team gets together fortnightly to consolidate all the latest market info into a condensed format so that our clients can have a read of what's going on and get back to the paddock.


Our newsletter is electronically sent to key clients and covers relevant topics that include (but isn’t limited to) cotton marketing information, grains marketing information, and fuel/oil market information.


And, because we can't resist some Dad humour - we have a little fun along the way and hand out prizes to competition winners.


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Stock feed is another commodity that is in high demand. Rain Agribusiness provides weekly Bulk Stock Feed Pricing and Information to producers who are looking for good quality and reliable feed. 


The Bulk Stock Feed Pricing is electronically sent to key clients and covers current pricing around stock feed options - including, but not limited to meals, pellets, PKE, grains, beans and cottonseed.


Rain Agribusiness aims to make buying bulk stock feed as easy as possible. One contact - many options.
Call us today for your bulk stock feed needs.

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The Rain Ag team is pleased to present current market pricing to our valued customers each Tuesday and Thursday morning. Assisting you in staying in touch with market movements.

For further information - contact one of the team. 

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* Please note that subscriptions to market updates is subject to approval from the Directors of Rain Agribusiness.