all the latest on our 2019 Japan Rugby World Cup tour 

rugby world cup



We are heading to the Rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019 - and the dates & itinerary are in.


This is big stuff and we are really keen to invite our clients along for some downtime, world cup rugby, sightseeing, agricultural farm tours, and good old bonding. There will be an option for either a short or a longer tour.


Basically - this is a simple old-school points system; whereby we ask for your business, and in return, offer you the best price for your commodities and the chance to fund an international tour.

Plenty of our Rain Ag clients have already started accumulating points (we kicked off July last year).

If you're keen to get on board and to ''fully fund'' your trip through points - here's how it works:


You have to accumulate the points-per-person as follows:


5 NIGHTS | FULLY FUNDED = 500,000 points (indicative, per person)

10 NIGHTS | FULLY FUNDED = 900,000 points (indicative, per person)




To qualify you will need 100,000 pts (per entity) by 30th June 2018:


Grain = 20pts per tonne
Cotton = 30pts per bale
Pulse = 40pts per tonne
Warehouse = 60pts per bale
Fuel = 20,000pts per B-Double 

If you haven't produced enough grain or cotton to qualify for the trip - but you'd love to come - we will make a deal that if you do 100% of your commodity business with Rain Ag -  we will take you. And in return - we guarantee we'll get you the best price.




19th Sept - Fly Sydney to Sapporo Japan


20th Sept - Arrival Day & Sapporo welcome dinner


21st Sept - Match Day - Classics + RWC Aust v Fiji Sapporo Dinner with Classics


22nd Sept - Match Day - RWC England v Tonga | Sapporo farm visit | Sapporo Beer Museum | Beer Garden


23rd Sept - Fly Sapporo to Nagano | bus from Hakushu to Suntory and on to Hakushu Whiskey Distillery with Wallaby Legend George Gregan


24th Sept - Bus to Kumagaya match day RWC | Europe v (?TBA) + Kumagaya Farm Visit + pre-Match Dinner


25th Sept - Bus to Tokyo for a night off { People doing the shorter trip will join here }


26th Sept - Explore Tokyo at your leisure


27th Sept - Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo + Rain Ag visit to partnering business + Suntory Musashino Brewery visit with Wallaby legends


28th Sept - take the bullet train to Ecopa for RWC Japan v Ireland in Tokyo


29th Sept - pre-match lunch then on to RWC Australia v Wales in Tokyo

Post-match farewell dinner


30th Sept - flights to Sydney




All customers begin accumulating points 1st July, 2017.


Customers with 100,000pts or more (or those genuine customers who have done 100% of their business with Rain Ag) are eligible to register an obligation-free expression of interest for the trip 30th June 2018
OR, can choose to use points accumulated to offset the price of fuel purchases through Rain-Ag.


March 31st, 2019 -  final date for registered customers to commit. For those who decide they are not going to Japan, you cease to earn points on this date. 
August 31st, 2019 – Cutoff date for points accumulated.